FoodScience AMT for Optimised Decontamination

Foodscience is a strategic supplier of products, antimicrobial technologies (AMT) and services to
the horticultural and fresh food industries in the UK and overseas.  We provide our customers
with science-based turnkey solutions that address market needs for safer, high quality fresh
produce with extended shelf-life.

Our services range from supplying off-the-shelf AMT’s suitable for existing processes, to the
design, installation and management of custom decontamination processes and quality management
systems.  We also provide a full process validation service under HACCP guidelines.

Summary of AMT Benefits

•    Reduced bacterial contamination

•    Elimination of Biofilm

•    Safe to use at recommended concentration

•    Access to real time and historical data

•    Audit trail for traceability

•    Optimised water usage

•    Peace of mind for producers, processors and retailers

Our products are further supported by ongoing servicing and maintenance programmes to ensure
consistency of operation.  We also offer customers remote monitoring and data capture technologies
to record decontamination processes and maintain records for batch traceability and recall procedures.

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