Chlorine dioxide has radically different properties and chemistry from other chlorine-containing compounds and acts by oxidation rather than chlorination. The commonly used chlorine compounds (including sodium hypochlorite) can react with other chemicals or contaminants to produce toxic by-products that are unacceptable in food processing facilities.

Chlorine dioxide is non-corrosive and Foodscience AMT’s can be used safely in contact with steels and plastics widely used in food processing equipment, conveyor belts, pumps and pipelines.

A toxicological review in 2000 by the USA Environmental Protection Agency relating to the use of chlorine dioxide generated from chlorite solution as a biocide in drinking water concluded that ingestion of a 5ppm solution had no measurable physiological impact under test conditions. The recommended level of chlorine dioxide for the disinfection of drinking water in both the USA and the EU is 0.5ppm.

The Foodscience dosing system is fitted with automatic feedback controls to regulate AMT below pre-set levels in the process water and on the produce thus avoiding chlorine dioxide gas exceeding published safety limits for operators within the plant environment.