Salads are safe and ready to eat

Typically mixed, cut lettuce leaves are washed in open or closed flumes, agitated wash baths or jet baths in process water containing Hydromax in the range 1.5 to 2.5ppm to reduce bacterial contamination without damaging the leaves. The process water may be recirculated or continuous fresh water depending upon the application. The produce is dewatered and/or dried prior to packaging in sealed bags or as the basis for RTE salads and sandwiches.

A typical application of AMT-V10 is shown in the graph below, which compares the mean microbiological contamination levels of salad leaves with and without AMT treatment at 1.5 ppm.

In this case, the process water contained relatively low levels of bacteria, but during the fresh produce washing process with untreated water the content on the leaves was above the acceptable level for all bacteria tested. Following treatment with AMT-V10, the contamination level of all 3 bacteria types on the fresh produce was reduced significantly throughout the washing process.