Vegetables with extended shelf-life

AMT-V10 has been used successfully to reduce contamination on a range of vegetables, including carrots (whole or batons), parsnips, cauliflower, broccoli and onions. A typical example for the decontamination of whole carrots demonstrated that treatment of the process water with 1.5ppm of AMT-V10 was highly effective at reducing the Enterobacteriaceae contamination in whole carrots.

Similarly, the Total Aerobic Count was reduced by 2 log when the AMT-V10 concentration was at 1.5ppm and by close to 3 log when the concentration was increased to between 1.5ppm and 2.5ppm. Practical studies have also shown that yeast contamination can be reduced as part of the carrot washing process or during upstream operations.

AMT-V10 is usually applied in chilled water during the vegetable washing process from the fully automated Foodscience dosing system.